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Margaret Bail

Margaret is now open to queries. Please check our submission guidelines.
Margaret Bail, literary agent, has a BA in English and an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing. With years of experience editing everything from medical documents to manuscripts, as well as teaching university-level English and writing, she looks forward to working closely with new and established authors to help develop their voice and craft.

Her lifelong love of stories and storytelling has her looking for books that transport her into the heart of the story, so much so that she’ll forget where she is and lose track of time while she reads.

Before joining Inklings, Margaret was an agent at Andrea Hurst Agency.

Specific genres Margaret represents include the following:

*Note: I am only interested in adult fiction. Please do not query me with YA, MG, or children’s books.

In Fiction:
  • Romance – all subgenres EXCEPT Christian or inspirational. (I love the romance genre, so send your stories my way!)
  • Science fiction (preferably soft SF rather than hard SF, including dystopian and post-apocalyptic)
  • Mystery
  • Thrillers/action adventure
  • Historical fiction
  • Westerns
  • Fantasy (Not a big fan of classic 'sword and sorcery' or anything with unpronounceable names)
Fiction genres I am NOT interested in: steampunk, Christian/religious literature, chick lit, women's fiction, literary, poetry, screenplays.

In Non-Fiction:
  • Memoir with an interesting or unique hook
  • Cookbooks with a strong platform
  • True crime

To query Margaret, follow our submission guidelines.

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